Just do it. Just be it. Just be yourself!

I’d like to take the opportunity to tell you a little
bit more about myself, beyond what you can read on the webpages.

Perhaps you’ve wondered why and how an ex-consultant and successful business woman decided to start coaching. Is this possible? Are different skills not required? And what about the motivation? My answer is that these motivations and skills have always been part of myself my life, yet I didn’t allow myself to let them through. I allowed others to define what is good for me. Do I regret my past? Not at all – my experiences have brought me to the point to be able to reflect who I am, what drives me and what makes me happy. Am I completely free of expectations of others today? Certainly not, yet I know now much clearer what I want to be. Only then, I believe, I can be happy and live and give my potential.

Following these lines, I thought about sharing a small story with you, a story from the book “The Why Are You Here Café” by John Strelecky – perhaps you find it also inspirational. “The story covers a business man, going on vacation to escape from daily life and to re-charge the batteries. He spent some days in a small fishing village. For a couple of days, he was observing the village community and realized that one of the fishing men seemed to be extremely happy. As the business man was keen to hear the reasons for this happiness, he approached this fishing man and asked him about his daily schedule. The man responded that he starts the day with having breakfast with his family. Then his kids go to school, he starts fishing and his wife is painting. After a few hours, he will come back with sufficient fish for the family, takes a nap. After dinner, the family will enjoy a nice walk along the beach whilst his kids swim in the sea. The business man was stunned. ‘And you do this every day?’, he asked. ‘Yes, most of the days.’, answers the fishing man. ‘From time to time we do also other things, but yes, this is my life.’ ‘And you could even catch more fish every day, right?, asked the business man. ‘Yes,’ says the fishing man, ‘there is a huge amount of fish out there.’ ‘Could you catch more fish as what you bring daily home?’, continued the business man. The fishing man smiled and said: ‘oh yes, sure, sometimes I catch too much but then let them free again. I just love fishing.’ But, now getting more and more confused, the business man wondered: ’But why don’t you fish then the whole day and catch as much fish as you can? Then you could sell the fish and earn a lot of money. Very soon, you could have a second and third boat, employ other fishing men and at some point you would be able to have a well-run international fishing trading company.’ The fishing man looked friendly and asked the business man: ‘And why should I do this?’ ‘Well,’ replied the business man, ‘you’d be able to earn a huge amount of money and retire.’ ‘And what would I do in my retirement?’, asked the fishing man. ‘Well, whatever you want, I assume’, said the business man. ‘Like having breakfast with my family?, wondered the fishing man. ‘Yes, for example’, said the business man, getting more and more agitated as the fishing man wasn’t willing to realize the greatness of his idea. ‘And as I love fishing, I could, if I wished, every day I do a bit of fishing?’ continued the fishing man. ‘I don’t know what should speak against it’, replied the business man. ‘Probably there wouldn’t be that much fish left, but still enough, I’d guess. Perhaps I could spend also my evening with my wife.

When we enjoy a nice walk along the beach shore, our kids could swim in the sea’, pondered the fishing man. ‘Sure, all what you want, but your kids might be already grown up then’, said the business man. The fishing man smiled, shook hands with the business man and wished him a good vacation.”

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Date Training overview Status
June 2018 A better you, a better
team, a better business
Nov 21 2018 If sales can be real
fun – for you and the client
Open for registration
Nov 27 2018 What does it take
to form a real team?
Open for registration

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